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Wandin & Surrounds

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Wandin & Surrounds is 3,673, and is forecast to grow to 3,833 by 2041.

Wandin & Surrounds is bounded in the north by Boundary Rd, a Transmission line, Stringy Back Crk, a line east to Victoria Rd, Victoria Rd, in the east by Burgi Hill Rd, Hendersons Rd, Warburton Hwy, Quayle Rd, a line south-east to Bennak and Koala Rds, Bennak Rd, Wandin Creek Rd, Aitken Rd, a line south from Wandin Creek and Monbulk Rds to the Yarra-Silvan Conduit and Boggy Crk, in the south by the Yarra-Silvan Conduit, and in the west by a line from the Yarra-Silvan Conduit and Monbulk-Seville Rd to Graham Rd, Queens, Lewis, Hunter, McKillop, Forest, and Bailey Rds, and a line north from Bailey Rd to Warburton & Boundary Rds.

Forecast areas
Wandin & Surrounds