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Northcote Activity Centre

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Northcote Activity Centre is 4,098, and is forecast to grow to 9,083 by 2041.

Northcote Activity Centre encompasses significant commercial areas and surrounding residential areas. Northcote Activity Centre is bounded by High Street, Darebin Road, Hayes Street and Dennis Street in the north, St David Street, a line running between St David Street and Andrew Street, Lennox Street, Mitchell Street and Oldis Avenue in the east, Bastings Street, Butler Street, James Street, a line running between James Street and Clarke Street, Clarke Street, a line running between Clarke Street and James Street, James Street and Westbourne Grove in the south, and Hartington Street, Hawthorn Road, a line running between Hawthorn Road and McCracken Avenue, McCracken Avenue, a line running between McCracken Avenue and Elm Street, Elm Street, Latham Street and Beavers Road in the west.

Forecast areas
Northcote Activity Centre