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Bundoora - Macleod

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Bundoora - Macleod is 9,281, and is forecast to grow to 12,780 by 2041.

Bundoora - Macleod is a residential, educational and institutional area which has experienced recent growth. Bundoora - Macleod is bounded by Darebin Creek, the City of Whittlesea, Plenty Road and the City of Banyule in the north, Gresswell Park Drive, Gresswell Forest Nature Conservation Reserve, the City of Banyule and Cherry Street in the east, Waiora Road, Kingsbury Drive, Crissane Road, Darebin Creek and Plenty Road in south, and Curtain Street, Bundoora Park, The Fairway, Dunne Street and Darebin Creek in the west. Parts of the suburb of Bundoora are located in the Cities of Banyule and Whittlesea. Part of the suburb of Macleod is located in the City of Banyule.

Forecast areas
Bundoora - Macleod