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Bathurst Regional

Household types map

Between 2016 and 2036, Bathurst Regional forecasts indicate that Bathurst (Central) will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the Bathurst Regional provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types map - Group households
Bathurst Regional, 2016 to 2036 percent change
Forecast household types - Group households
Bathurst Regional20162036Change between 2016 and 2036
Bathurst Regional5943.77003.4+106+17.8
Abercrombie - Llanarth242.1362.0+12+50.0
Bathurst (Central)2677.72907.1+23+8.6
Kelso (North) - Laffing Waters391.6571.7+18+46.2
Kelso (South)192.0211.8+2+10.5
Mitchell - Robin Hill - Mount Panorama152.9203.1+5+33.3
Raglan - Perthville101.7101.500
Rural Remainder532.4602.4+7+13.2
South Bathurst - Gormans Hill - White Rock453.5533.5+8+17.8
West Bathurst744.9804.6+6+8.1

Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2036, prepared by .id , the population experts, December 2017.