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Berwick (Foothills)

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Berwick (Foothills) is 1,782, and is forecast to grow to 1,789 by 2041.

Berwick (Foothills) is contained on this particular boundary to allow a separate analysis of growth for the rural areas (as part of the Berwick suburb) of the locality and its urban centre. For a full analysis of the forecasts for Berwick - Beaconsfield, please see the overlay for Berwick - Beaconsfield. Berwick (Foothills) is broadly bounded by the Inglis Road, Gardiner Street, Harkaway Road and Ernst Wanke Road in the north, the Princes Freeway and the Hallam Bypass in the south, and a line from Bellbird Park to Hessell Road in the west.
Forecast areas
Berwick (Foothills)