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Household types map

Between 2016 and 2041, Shellharbour City Council forecasts indicate that Rural Balance will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the Shellharbour City Council provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types - Group households
Shellharbour City Council20162041Change between 2016 and 2041
Shellharbour City4961.95751.6+79+15.9
Shellharbour City5,30520.77,22420.2+1,919+36.2
Shellharbour City3,45513.54,09811.5+643+18.6
Shellharbour City8,85234.611,46132.1+2,609+29.5
Shellharbour City6,60325.811,45632.1+4,853+73.5
Shellharbour City8873.58732.4-14-1.6
Albion Park561.3611.2+5+8.9
Albion Park64714.575114.6+104+16.1
Albion Park56712.755610.8-11-1.9
Albion Park1,95043.61,86536.3-85-4.4
Albion Park1,11324.91,76834.5+655+58.9
Albion Park1413.21312.6-10-7.1
Albion Park Rail542.1471.7-7-13.0
Albion Park Rail59322.970926.0+116+19.6
Albion Park Rail40315.537813.9-25-6.2
Albion Park Rail74228.674127.2-1-0.1
Albion Park Rail69226.777328.4+81+11.7
Albion Park Rail1084.2752.8-33-30.6
Barrack Heights462.0451.8-1-2.2
Barrack Heights50622.160924.6+103+20.4
Barrack Heights40017.536314.6-37-9.3
Barrack Heights67929.670628.5+27+4.0
Barrack Heights55724.367427.2+117+21.0
Barrack Heights1044.5823.3-22-21.2
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre201.5381.4+18+90.0
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre28922.262223.1+333+115.2
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre16512.728910.7+124+75.2
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre45134.684731.4+396+87.8
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre33926.084531.4+506+149.3
Blackbutt - Shellharbour City Centre403.1532.0+13+32.5
Lake Illawarra503.3432.5-7-14.0
Lake Illawarra60639.762936.4+23+3.8
Lake Illawarra23115.125614.8+25+10.8
Lake Illawarra27317.932718.9+54+19.8
Lake Illawarra32121.042124.3+100+31.2
Lake Illawarra473.1543.1+7+14.9
Mount Warrigal291.6221.1-7-24.1
Mount Warrigal33618.337018.9+34+10.1
Mount Warrigal28515.525813.2-27-9.5
Mount Warrigal55830.355928.5+1+0.2
Mount Warrigal56830.970135.8+133+23.4
Mount Warrigal643.5482.5-16-25.0
Oak Flats552.2461.5-9-16.4
Oak Flats54521.772823.4+183+33.6
Oak Flats34013.536711.8+27+7.9
Oak Flats77030.693129.9+161+20.9
Oak Flats69827.894430.3+246+35.2
Oak Flats1074.31003.2-7-6.5
Rural Balance81.8691.4+61+762.5
Rural Balance6213.652110.5+459+740.3
Rural Balance327.04799.6+447+1,396.9
Rural Balance20444.72,01640.6+1,812+888.2
Rural Balance13128.71,82836.8+1,697+1,295.4
Rural Balance194.2511.0+32+168.4
Shell Cove160.9541.7+38+237.5
Shell Cove1377.538312.1+246+179.6
Shell Cove1468.01735.5+27+18.5
Shell Cove95852.71,16636.7+208+21.7
Shell Cove51928.51,33141.9+812+156.5
Shell Cove432.4672.1+24+55.8
Shellharbour - Barrack Point331.9402.0+7+21.2
Shellharbour - Barrack Point42624.353026.3+104+24.4
Shellharbour - Barrack Point19110.921910.9+28+14.7
Shellharbour - Barrack Point53830.752626.1-12-2.2
Shellharbour - Barrack Point51529.464331.9+128+24.9
Shellharbour - Barrack Point492.8582.9+9+18.4
Source: Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2041, prepared by .id (informed decisions), May 2019.

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