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Doncaster Hill

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Doncaster Hill is 4,826, and is forecast to grow to 11,339 by 2036.

Doncaster Hill is part of the suburb of Doncaster and is bounded in the north by Westfield Dve, a line to the west of Roseville Ave, Goodson St and Schramms Reserve, in the east by JJ Tully Dve and Whittens Ln, in the south by a line to the south of Doncaster Road generally to the south of Hepburn Rd, Merlin St and an east-west line following Briar Crt and Carawatha Rd and in the west by the eastern boundary of the Eastern Golf Club, a line generally to the north of Firth St, Meader St and 5 Sovereign Point Court'.

Forecast areas
Doncaster Hill