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Croydon South - Kilsyth

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Croydon South - Kilsyth is 6,776, and is forecast to grow to 8,121 by 2041.

Croydon South - Kilsyth is an established residential area, with some commercial and industrial land use, particularly in the south east. Croydon South - Kilsyth is bounded by Eastfield Road, Dorset Road, Alamein Avenue and Kiloran Avenue in the north, Ervin Road, Glen Dhu Road and Colchester Road in the east, the proposed Healesville Freeway, the Golf Driving Range, Blossom Walk, Mountain Heath Walk, Briar Rose Walk, Wildwood Walk, Valley Court, The Place and Central Avenue in the south, and Dunlop Avenue, the southern boundary of Tintern Girls Grammar School, Morinda Street, Dorset Public Golf Course, St Andrews Close, Gleneagles Court, Mt Dandenong Road and the suburb of Croydon in the west. Most of the suburb of Kilsyth is located in Yarra Ranges Shire.

Forecast areas
Croydon South - Kilsyth