Central Coast NSWPopulation forecast

This forecast has been updated with 2016 Census dwelling counts and the 2016 Estimated Resident Population. More information can be found here.

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Kincumber South - Bensville - Empire Bay - Killcare

About the forecast areas

The 2018 population forecast for Kincumber South - Bensville - Empire Bay - Killcare is 9,657, and is forecast to grow to 9,845 by 2036.

Kincumber South is named for the area south of Kincumber, which is thought to be named from an Aboriginal word meaning "belonging to an old man" or "towards the rising sun". Bensville is named after Benjamin Davis, a member of the locally famous shipbuilding clan. Empire Bay was originally known as Sorrento, with the name being changed in 1908 to avoid confusion with Sorrento in Victoria. Killcare was the name given to the 1916 subdivision, used as a pun "killing one's cares".