City of WyndhamPopulation forecast

This forecast has been updated with 2016 Census dwelling counts and the 2016 Estimated Resident Population. More information can be found here.

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City of Wyndham

Non-private dwellings

2,242 people were estimated to be living in non-private dwellings in the City of Wyndham in 2019.

Residential non-private dwellings include aged care facilities as well as defence force facilities, hospitals, prisons, staff quarters and boarding houses. As a general rule, an increase in people aged 18 to 24 living in non-private dwellings indicates a growth in student accommodation, defence force facilities or prisons. Similarly an increase in people aged over 75 living in non-private dwellings indicates growth in aged care facilities.

Persons in non-private dwellings
City of WyndhamYearChange between 2016 and 2041
Area20162041Total changeAged 18 to 24 yearsAged 75+ years
City of Wyndham2,1693,075+9060+902
Hoppers Crossing (locality)00000
Little River - Rural West (locality)00000
Manor Lakes (locality)74290+2160+216
Point Cook (locality)131131000
Tarneit (locality)0210+2100+210
Truganina (locality)1,1421,322+1800+180
Werribee (locality)655835+1800+180
Werribee South (locality)44000
Williams Landing - Laverton North (locality)163283+1200+116
Wyndham Vale (locality)00000
Baden Powell00000
Black Forest South - Racecourse0180+1800+180
Cowies Hill00000
Glen Devon110110000
Little River - Rural West00000
Manor Lakes74290+2160+216
Point Cook Central123123000
Point Cook South00000
Riverwalk - Werribee Junction00000
Sanctuary Lakes88000
Tarneit - Oakbank Riverdale0210+2100+210
Tarneit Central00000
Tarneit West00000
The Grange00000
Truganina South00000
Truganina North1,1421,322+1800+180
Werribee Central272272000
Werribee Employment Area6161000
Werribee South44000
Williams Landing - Laverton North163283+1200+116
Wyndham Vale00000
Wyndham Vale North00000

Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2041, prepared by .id , the population experts, May 2018.

Key findings

There were 2,169 people estimated to be living in non-private dwellings in the City of Wyndham in 2016. The number of persons in non-private dwellings in the City of Wyndham is expected to increase to 2,517 persons in 2026 and to 3,075 persons in 2041.

Between 2016 and 2026, Manor Lakes (locality) is forecast to experience the greatest change, with a gain of 216 persons in non-private dwellings. This is due to an increase of persons in non-private dwellings aged 75 years and over, which is predominantly aged care.