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Bushfield - Woodford

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Bushfield - Woodford is 986, and is forecast to grow to 1,193 by 2036.

Bushfield - Woodford is bounded by Bushfield-Tower Hill Road, Warrnambool-Caramut Road, Moyne Shire, Blighs Road and Merri View Road in the north, Moyne Shire, Spring Flat Road and Wiggs Lane in the east, the locality of Warrnambool, the Merri River and the locality of Dennington in the south, and Conns Lane in the west. Rural Balance includes the Warrnambool City parts of the localities of Bushfield, Illowa, Woodford and Yangery, and the northern part of the locality of Dennington.

Forecast areas
Bushfield - Woodford