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Between 2016 and 2036, the City of Salisbury forecasts indicate that Paralowie will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the City of Salisbury provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types - Group households
City of Salisbury20162036Change between 2016 and 2036
City of Salisbury1,7673.31,8373.0+70+4.0
City of Salisbury13,18724.515,82326.1+2,636+20.0
City of Salisbury7,18513.37,87113.0+686+9.5
City of Salisbury16,54530.717,44928.8+904+5.5
City of Salisbury13,84225.716,13326.6+2,291+16.6
City of Salisbury1,3142.41,4512.4+137+10.4
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale852.8983.0+13+15.3
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale94731.699230.3+45+4.8
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale41613.946814.3+52+12.5
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale70623.579124.2+85+12.0
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale77625.984425.8+68+8.8
Brahma Lodge - Salisbury Park - Salisbury Plain - Elizabeth Vale692.3792.4+10+14.5
Burton - Non Urban West792.8972.6+18+22.8
Burton - Non Urban West51818.275420.0+236+45.6
Burton - Non Urban West38813.647912.7+91+23.5
Burton - Non Urban West1,06037.21,27033.7+210+19.8
Burton - Non Urban West72425.41,06728.3+343+47.4
Burton - Non Urban West782.71052.8+27+34.6
Gulfview Heights50.470.5+2+40.0
Gulfview Heights15912.625918.3+100+62.9
Gulfview Heights1007.91117.9+11+11.0
Gulfview Heights58446.455339.2-31-5.3
Gulfview Heights37830.044731.7+69+18.3
Gulfview Heights322.5352.5+3+9.4
Ingle Farm1243.51443.5+20+16.1
Ingle Farm89024.91,12127.6+231+26.0
Ingle Farm47913.452512.9+46+9.6
Ingle Farm93126.01,05125.8+120+12.9
Ingle Farm1,07830.11,12527.7+47+4.4
Ingle Farm782.21002.5+22+28.2
Mawson Lakes3787.42895.3-89-23.5
Mawson Lakes99219.41,26723.3+275+27.7
Mawson Lakes3607.03596.6-1-0.3
Mawson Lakes1,81035.31,68631.0-124-6.9
Mawson Lakes1,45028.31,70031.3+250+17.2
Mawson Lakes1352.61342.5-1-0.7
Para Hills903.41073.7+17+18.9
Para Hills64724.667623.4+29+4.5
Para Hills34713.238813.4+41+11.8
Para Hills77429.485829.7+84+10.9
Para Hills71527.178327.1+68+9.5
Para Hills612.3732.5+12+19.7
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South362.6382.4+2+5.6
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South45632.752833.4+72+15.8
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South20514.723214.7+27+13.2
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South34324.637924.0+36+10.5
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South31622.735622.5+40+12.7
Para Hills West - Parafield - Salisbury South392.8473.0+8+20.5
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights882.61022.7+14+15.9
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights81723.786823.1+51+6.2
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights37410.839610.5+22+5.9
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights1,05830.71,16330.9+105+9.9
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights1,04430.31,15630.7+112+10.7
Para Vista - Valley View - Walkley Heights671.9772.0+10+14.9
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields1432.31492.1+6+4.2
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields1,35421.41,68524.0+331+24.4
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields90414.395613.6+52+5.8
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields2,18434.52,20931.4+25+1.1
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields1,55024.51,83326.1+283+18.3
Parafield Gardens - Green Fields1893.01982.8+9+4.8
Salisbury Downs723.1803.0+8+11.1
Salisbury Downs61426.474927.7+135+22.0
Salisbury Downs37816.343115.9+53+14.0
Salisbury Downs67128.874127.4+70+10.4
Salisbury Downs52922.764123.7+112+21.2
Salisbury Downs622.7642.4+2+3.2
Salisbury East1082.91122.8+4+3.7
Salisbury East1,06128.11,11227.9+51+4.8
Salisbury East48512.951112.8+26+5.4
Salisbury East98926.21,02525.7+36+3.6
Salisbury East1,06628.31,16629.2+100+9.4
Salisbury East631.7651.6+2+3.2
Salisbury Heights281.9281.500
Salisbury Heights24216.238020.4+138+57.0
Salisbury Heights1469.81699.1+23+15.8
Salisbury Heights60740.769937.5+92+15.2
Salisbury Heights43329.054429.2+111+25.6
Salisbury Heights372.5442.4+7+18.9
Salisbury North - Edinburgh1483.61583.4+10+6.8
Salisbury North - Edinburgh1,20529.31,39830.5+193+16.0
Salisbury North - Edinburgh74318.180317.5+60+8.1
Salisbury North - Edinburgh1,01824.81,09023.8+72+7.1
Salisbury North - Edinburgh92022.41,04522.8+125+13.6
Salisbury North - Edinburgh791.9891.9+10+12.7
Source: Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2036, prepared by .id (informed decisions), November 2017.

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