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About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Croydon is 5,405, and is forecast to grow to 6,999 by 2036.

Croydon is bounded by Parramatta Road in the north, the stormwater canal, Etonville Parade, a line running between Wetherill Street and Milton Street North, a line running between Cromwell Street and Milton Street and Watson Avenue in the east, the Canterbury-Bankstown Council area in the south, and Greenhills Street, Liverpool Road and Dickinson Avenue, the Burwood Council area, Queen Street and Lang Street in the west. This area encompasses the Inner West Council area parts of the suburbs of Croydon and Croydon Park. The remaining part of the suburb of Croydon is located in the Burwood Council area, while the remaining part of the suburb of Croydon Park is located in both the Burwood Council area and the Canterbury-Bankstown Council area.

Forecast areas