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Household types map

Between 2016 and 2041, Golden Plains Shire forecasts indicate that Bannockburn South will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the Golden Plains Shire provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types - Group households
Golden Plains Shire20162041Change between 2016 and 2041
Golden Plains Shire1261.62001.3+74+58.7
Golden Plains Shire1,36717.62,85318.9+1,486+108.7
Golden Plains Shire6258.01,3418.9+716+114.6
Golden Plains Shire3,16640.85,80838.5+2,642+83.4
Golden Plains Shire2,31229.84,56530.3+2,253+97.4
Golden Plains Shire1722.23092.0+137+79.7
Bannockburn North251.5631.5+38+152.0
Bannockburn North21412.963115.4+417+194.9
Bannockburn North1468.83779.2+231+158.2
Bannockburn North77146.41,73042.1+959+124.4
Bannockburn North46227.81,21329.5+751+162.6
Bannockburn North422.5932.3+51+121.4
Bannockburn South00.000.00--
Bannockburn South120.047517.4+474+47,399.5
Bannockburn South00.030611.2+306--
Bannockburn South240.01,13741.7+1,135+56,749.7
Bannockburn South240.074927.5+747+37,349.8
Bannockburn South00.0572.1+57--
Central West141.9161.9+2+14.3
Central West23532.624028.7+5+2.1
Central West689.4799.5+11+16.2
Central West18725.922627.1+39+20.9
Central West19827.525029.9+52+26.3
Central West192.6242.9+5+26.3
Haddon - Smythesdale and District281.6421.7+14+50.0
Haddon - Smythesdale and District28016.445318.9+173+61.8
Haddon - Smythesdale and District1217.11817.5+60+49.6
Haddon - Smythesdale and District73743.194939.5+212+28.8
Haddon - Smythesdale and District51330.073730.7+224+43.7
Haddon - Smythesdale and District301.8401.7+10+33.3
Lethbridge and District161.9201.7+4+25.0
Lethbridge and District15618.826723.2+111+71.2
Lethbridge and District809.61059.1+25+31.3
Lethbridge and District32338.939834.6+75+23.2
Lethbridge and District23728.533729.3+100+42.2
Lethbridge and District192.3221.9+3+15.8
North West (Balance)161.4181.3+2+12.5
North West (Balance)25222.232323.8+71+28.2
North West (Balance)978.61239.1+26+26.8
North West (Balance)37132.740830.1+37+10.0
North West (Balance)37132.746234.0+91+24.5
North West (Balance)262.3231.7-3-11.5
South East10.250.7+4+400.0
South East479.712618.1+79+168.1
South East285.8436.2+15+53.6
South East24650.727439.3+28+11.4
South East14429.722432.1+80+55.6
South East193.9253.6+6+31.6
Teesdale and District252.0372.0+12+48.0
Teesdale and District18214.933718.7+155+85.2
Teesdale and District846.91267.0+42+50.0
Teesdale and District52843.368638.0+158+29.9
Teesdale and District38431.559432.9+210+54.7
Teesdale and District171.4251.4+8+47.1
Source: Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2041, prepared by .id (informed decisions), July 2020.

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