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Household types map

Between 2016 and 2036, Eurobodalla Shire Council forecasts indicate that Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads will have the greatest increase in household type 'Group households'.

Mapping the distribution of different household types across the Eurobodalla Shire Council provides insight into the roles that different areas play in the housing market and how these are changing. It also identifies where there are concentrations of households which have specific service requirements. You can learn more about how places move through cycles of change which affect their household structure by visiting household types.

Forecast household types - Group households
Eurobodalla Shire Council20162036Change between 2016 and 2036
Eurobodalla Shire3792.24162.0+37+9.8
Eurobodalla Shire5,39531.26,89532.9+1,500+27.8
Eurobodalla Shire1,78810.32,0399.7+251+14.0
Eurobodalla Shire3,14618.23,57917.1+433+13.8
Eurobodalla Shire6,38636.97,81437.3+1,428+22.4
Eurobodalla Shire1901.12291.1+39+20.5
Batemans Bay - Catalina563.0572.7+1+1.8
Batemans Bay - Catalina76541.187241.1+107+14.0
Batemans Bay - Catalina20411.022510.6+21+10.3
Batemans Bay - Catalina26114.029413.9+33+12.6
Batemans Bay - Catalina55229.664430.4+92+16.7
Batemans Bay - Catalina241.3291.4+5+20.8
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland171.5171.300
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland32529.245634.1+131+40.3
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland1009.01138.5+13+13.0
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland29226.228721.5-5-1.7
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland36632.944933.6+83+22.7
Batemans Bay Rural Hinterland131.2141.0+1+7.7
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point231.6251.3+2+8.7
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point45431.562331.2+169+37.2
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point1389.61829.1+44+31.9
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point30821.441120.6+103+33.4
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point50835.374437.3+236+46.5
Broulee - Tomakin - Mossy Point100.7120.6+2+20.0
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay282.4422.4+14+50.0
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay29925.750629.2+207+69.2
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay12811.01719.9+43+33.6
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay21718.728416.4+67+30.9
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay47440.870740.9+233+49.2
Malua Bay - Lilli Pilli - Rosedale - Guerilla Bay161.4201.2+4+25.0
Moruya Rural Hinterland141.1141.000
Moruya Rural Hinterland27222.131623.3+44+16.2
Moruya Rural Hinterland937.6936.900
Moruya Rural Hinterland29023.627720.4-13-4.5
Moruya Rural Hinterland53943.963146.6+92+17.1
Moruya Rural Hinterland201.6241.8+4+20.0
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga442.5452.3+1+2.3
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga62835.770235.4+74+11.8
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga1488.41638.2+15+10.1
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga25214.331716.0+65+25.8
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga67638.474337.4+67+9.9
Narooma - North Narooma - Kianga130.7140.7+1+7.7
Narooma Rural Hinterland272.3231.8-4-14.8
Narooma Rural Hinterland33127.942532.5+94+28.4
Narooma Rural Hinterland947.9967.3+2+2.1
Narooma Rural Hinterland22719.119114.6-36-15.9
Narooma Rural Hinterland48841.155042.1+62+12.7
Narooma Rural Hinterland201.7221.7+2+10.0
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach481.9582.0+10+20.8
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach84032.697833.3+138+16.4
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach31912.435011.9+31+9.7
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach41216.043114.7+19+4.6
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach93936.41,09337.3+154+16.4
Surf Beach - Batehaven - Sunshine Bay - Denhams Beach210.8230.8+2+9.5
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay272.0392.1+12+44.4
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay36827.358832.0+220+59.8
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay13610.11568.5+20+14.7
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay27920.734818.9+69+24.7
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay52138.768137.1+160+30.7
Surfside - Long Beach - Maloneys Beach - North Batemans Bay161.2251.4+9+56.3
Tuross Head221.9191.6-3-13.6
Tuross Head29626.132927.0+33+11.1
Tuross Head887.81008.2+12+13.6
Tuross Head14913.218014.8+31+20.8
Tuross Head57350.658748.2+14+2.4
Tuross Head40.440.300
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads523.2542.5+2+3.8
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads55834.081136.9+253+45.3
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads25715.630313.8+46+17.9
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads30818.737317.0+65+21.1
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads44427.062528.4+181+40.8
Urban Moruya - Moruya Heads241.5311.4+7+29.2
Source: Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2036, prepared by .id (informed decisions), December 2017.

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