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Pakenham Balance

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Pakenham Balance is 1,165, and is forecast to grow to 1,270 by 2041.

Pakenham Balance includes the non-urban section of the Pakenham locality excluding the Pakenham East Precinct and is bounded by Leppitt Road, a line running north and east to Hein Road, Berglund Road, Toomuc Valley Road, a line running east and south to Pakenham Road, Army Road and a line to the north of Settlement Road and Norris Road in the north, Dore Road, a line running south and east to Bald Hill Road and Five Mile Road in the east, a line running east-west following the Watson Road alignment, Toomuc Creek and a east-west alignment south of Henry Road in the south and Brown Road, Godfrey Road and Officer Road in the west. The Pakenham Precinct, bounded by Peck Road and the transmission line in the north, Deep Creek and Ryan Road in the east, the Princes Freeway in the south and Cardinia Road in the west is not included in this area.

Forecast areas
Pakenham Balance