Cardinia ShirePopulation forecast
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Emerald - Clematis - Avonsleigh - Menzies Creek

About the forecast areas

The 2019 population forecast for Emerald - Clematis - Avonsleigh - Menzies Creek is 7,062, and is forecast to grow to 7,606 by 2041.

Emerald-Clematis-Avonsleigh-Menzies Creek is bounded by the Selby-Aura Road, Magpie Road, a line running north-east to Ridge Road, Menzies Creek, Kallista-Emerald Road, Stewart Road and Paton Road, Macclesfield Road, Cherry Road and Merritts Road in the north, Woori Yallock Road, Phillip Road, south to a line roughly following the Wattle Creek, a line bounding the west and south of the Wright Forest and a line roughly following Bourkes Creek in the east, Beaconsfield-Emerald Road, Lewis Road and Red Hill Road in the south, Duffys Road and Wellington Road and Old Menzies Creek Road in the west.

Forecast areas
Emerald - Clematis - Avonsleigh - Menzies Creek