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Former Rockdale City Council

Residential development

Residential development forecasts assume the number of dwellings in Former Rockdale City Council will increase by an average of [Forecast_DwellDev_Text].[AvgAnn_Y1Y3].{0:#,0} dwellings per annum to [Forecast_DwellDev_Text].[DwellY3].{0:#,0} in 2036.

The addition of dwellings to the housing stock is a major driver of population growth in an area, providing opportunities for households to relocate from other areas or new households to form locally (such as young people leaving the family home or separations/divorces).

Residential development can take various forms depending on the availability of land. These include new housing estates on greenfield sites, subdivision in existing residential neighbourhoods (often called infill development), conversion of industrial lands to residential lands, and densification of housing by building up.

.id's forecasters worked with Council planners to understand the likely development activity in each small area. This forms the development assumptions for the forecasts. This table shows the quantity of new development assumed in each small area in the Bayside Council. Select each small area to see detailed assumptions.

List of forecast land assumptions by small area 2016-2036:

  • Wolli Creek - Bonar Street Precinct - 4,506 additional dwellings
  • Rockdale - 2,697 additional dwellings
  • Arncliffe Area - 1,695 additional dwellings
  • Bexley - 584 additional dwellings
  • Brighton-Le-Sands - Kyeemagh - Mascot - 473 additional dwellings
  • Kogarah (East) - 528 additional dwellings
  • Turrella - Bardwell Valley - 92 additional dwellings
  • Sans Souci - 168 additional dwellings
  • Banksia - 324 additional dwellings
  • Ramsgate - Ramsgate Beach - 221 additional dwellings
  • Kingsgrove - 141 additional dwellings
  • Kogarah (West) - 44 additional dwellings
  • Bexley North - 110 additional dwellings
  • Monterey - 55 additional dwellings
  • Carlton - 65 additional dwellings
  • Sandringham - Dolls Point - 33 additional dwellings
  • Bardwell Park - 38 additional dwellings
Forecast residential development
Forecast residential development
Population and household forecasts, 2016 to 2036, prepared by .id the population experts, November 2017.